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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Design sleight of hand

- chandelier showerhead -

I'm a fan of design that makes you think, of design that makes you stop in your tracks and question just what is going on here. Example: Dutch designer Marcel Wanders' chandelier showerhead created for suites at Miami Beach's newest hotel, the Mondrian South Beach. How does one clean such a thing? Eh, that's up to housekeeping to figure out. I just know that I would bound out of bed (and I am not a morning person) to experience this sparkly fabulousness.

Does the designer's name ring a bell? He created this classic head-scratcher over a decade ago:

- knotted chair, Marcel Wanders, 1996 -

Should this chair find its way into my living room, I could die a happy designer. Sigh.


Suzy said...

Just found your blog, and have to say I'm lovin it! We have one of those Wanders chairs in our office and I must say they are suprisingly just as comfortable to sit on as they are great to look at.

Cynthia said...

ooOooO...the shower head chandelier
is deliciously luxe...hmmm