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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Great homes, lousy interiors

- sur le cote d'azur -

This is the kind of home that inspires countless dreams of becoming an expat in Europe. Packing up the kids and dog to live out a francophile fantasy of louvered shutters (that are operative not decorative), limestone floors, and pea gravel drives. The New York Times likes to feature such houses and their (usually) American owners in their semi-regular "Great Homes and Destinations." What sounds like a droolworthy way to enjoy a few minutes of decor porn always leaves me asking WTF? A few examples:

- le salon de la maison sur la cote d'azur -

- a Provencal country house outside of Nice -

- the fireplace is incroyable, the furniture is merde -

- a converted convent in Tuscany -

- sigh... another big letdown -