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Friday, April 11, 2008

A room with a view

- today's view outside my living room window -

Setting: Clifton Hill, Christchurch, New Zealand. To the left is the estuary, to the right the Pacific Ocean.

I wanted to open this blog with a shot of my incredibly fabulous living room, but it's a mess and I have the mother of all head colds preventing me from cleaning and artfully arranging anything. Permit me to introduce myself. I go by the handle "perchance" in the blogworld, and I am mother to The Pea and wife to LB.

I earn my dough and keep my sanity by practicing the mystical art of visual merchandising. Basically I spend eight hours a day arranging furniture and objets (French for "clutter") in Australasia's answer to Crate & Barrel. In my previous life (read: before achieving domestic bliss), I owned two stores in a flyover state's capitol. The first was a high-falutin' interiors shop slash design studio, and the second was a contemporary clothing boutique carrying all the great girly labels you see in Lucky and In Style.

So enough about me for now. Let's where this little adventure takes us...