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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Absolutely brilliant & perfectly perverse

If you must do toile, perversion is the way to go. Profiled in the New York Times, textile artist Richard Saja "has been interfering with toile for years, embroidering fur on humans, wings on monkeys and bugs on flowers." ["interfering" - I love that!] On his blog, Historically Inaccurate, he shares images of recent works. Above, a man with congenital hypertrichosis or "werewolf" syndrome is depicted. Below, the same figure with a different, er, affliction.
- "Birdman," by Richard Saja -

- "Send Out the Clowns," by Richard Saja -

- "Frankentoile," by Richard Saja -

These pillows were pieced together from various colorways of the same toile pattern. Created for the Pierre Deux 40th anniversary celebration, they were given as gifts to judges of a design competition.