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Friday, May 23, 2008


- birch slice and plywood wall -

I like the idea of this, but something about the execution is bugging me and I can't put my finger on it. From (maybe that's the issue). Don't you wonder if the Idea Squad over there is kept locked in a small brightly lit room furnished only with a folding table, 15 glue guns, a barrel of bugle beads, a 6-foot ball of twine, and fridge full of cupcakes and RedBull? Poor souls... I can only imagine their monthly meds must really skew the company health care bill.


The Nerdy Fashionista said...

it's just a little too precious for me, I think. When I was at ICFF I saw this absolutely stunning lamp by Zia Priven:

It's a very similar idea, and while the pattern is beautiful and the three-dimensionality adds unexpected depth, it looks HELLA ANNOYING to clean. Unless you have a squad of gnomes with compressed air cans at your disposal, all those crevices are going to get dusty and grimy.

Also, for me that image just has too many iterations of wood: the wall, the chairs, the beams, the upside down tree thing... enough already! I don't mind a roomful of wood, as long as it's fairly subdued, but these elements all seem to be jockeying for attention here.

perchance said...

Oooh...wanna touch lamp.

Cleaning gnomes - I want one.

I agree with you about the wood issue (tee hee, "wood"). It says,"Look how GREEN we are!" I just want to lob an iridescent chunk of plastic in there to break things up.

Related topic: I've been training my new assistant, Grasshopper, in the merchie ways and this week's lesson was "Strength in Opposition." Hi-lo, matte/shiny, dark/light, wood/plastic, yada yada.