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Friday, May 16, 2008

Helluva guy(s)

The best part about owning a store is the buying trips. If a shopkeeper tells you it's their customers, they're lying. For home and gift stores, the major markets fall in January and July. I would hit the Atlanta Mart at least once a year, and each time I had the privilege of being among the first to see Dransfield & Ross's newest collection. I was dying to carry their beyond gorgeous tabletop line (that's all they did back then), but it was a bit too spency for my customers. John Dransfield and Geoffery Ross were happy to chat about their goods even though I never bought a thing. They always had one of the most beautiful booths at the Mart and were themselves immaculately dressed (there can be some serious schlumpiness at market). The last time I saw them was at the '02 summer market, and the House Beautiful spread of their home had been published the day before. Like a teenage schoolgirl, I gushed and flattered and they couldn't have been more gracious. I'm so happy to see that their home collection has expanded to furniture. Simply gorgeous stuff.


nkp said...

Okay, so I am totally not stalking you, but it looks like we've been perusing the same decor porn today! I was just drooling over the beautiful grosgrain ribbon stripes on that chair today and that chandelier almost killed me (as does the price tag), but so absolutely worth it. Love that Elle Decor! BTW, your shop wasn't in Atlanta was it? I live in the 'burbs. Your "Pea" is darling and your post on "water features & faux starfish" is so right on the money! Loving your blog!

perchance said...

So, OK, we're new blog besties. I was in Indianapolis, but I love and adore Atlanta. I always stayed in Buckhead during my market trips, just for the shopping, er, "market research." I heart Elle Decor too, so much so that I pay $17 for air freighted copies (that's true love). And thanks for the kind words about my shayna madela!

nkp said...

$17!!! Every month? That is true love. But I feel your pain. My husband tells me someday we will succumb to an untimely death beneath an avalanche of shelter magazines. Hey, there are worse ways to go! Aaach, the shayna punim on your shayna madela! (I'm channeling my long deceased grandmother here)