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Saturday, May 31, 2008


- Milukan chair by Christian Astuguevieille -

Last month, blogger Decorno asked the question, "Orchids, yes or no?" In my comment (then using the moniker "ExpatinNZ"), I posited that phalaenopsis orchids reminded me of the 1990s and gave some examples of decorating trends now over decade old. Well, I misspelled French designer Christian Astuguevieille's name and I've been thinking about his work ever since. I first saw his art in a shelter magazine (probably Elle Decor) in the mid-Nineties and fell head over heels for his rope-wrapped bombe chest. Inspired by the native crafts of Africa and South America, the prescient Astuguevieille has been creating "green" designs since 1979.

In 1998, I tried without success to persuade a client to put the Rope chair, below, in his entry hall. Astuguevieille imagined his creation as a "descendant of the ritual thrones of imaginary tribal chiefs." I even dragged my client up to the Chicago Holly Hunt showroom to see the chair in person. No go.

After doing a little web research this morning, I found this great shot of two Hairy chairs in Astuguevieille's Paris apartment.

God, what I wouldn't give for a personally guided tour of that place.

Astuguevieille also creates jewelry for several Paris fashion houses and is the perfume creative director for Comme des Garcons. He is still designing furniture as well, his Milukan chair (first picture) is available through Holly Hunt.