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Sunday, May 18, 2008

- bath set -

Our second installment of "," wherein I discuss/deride/make fun of common decorative touches that have wormed their way into the collective design consciousness. First up, bath accessory sets. Yes, we all need a wastebasket, something to hold the toothbrushes, and a soap dispenser, but why must all of those items match? Like twinsie end tables and night stands, matching bath sets show a lack of design imagination. And more about mirror madness at a later date.

- "modern" dog bed -

Goofy dog beds. Even if it matches your Le Corbusier or Eames, it's just wrong. Fido deserves the best, the best being a perfectly functional round or square cushion filled with cedar shavings. Embroidering "Winky" or "Beatrice" (bonus points for that reference) is optional.


The Nerdy Fashionista said...

how about the black faux croc with nailhead trim bath set i saw once? classy!

perchance said...

Set decorator phasers for "Vaporize!"