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Friday, June 20, 2008

OK, just one more fashion post, but this one relates to interiors as this shoe's designer is none other than avant-garde architect (translation "very few of her building designs have ever been constructed") Zaha Hadid. From, "[e]ach season, the Brazilian shoe company Melissa matches up with a maverick designer, who then creates a pair of limited-edition shoes using the company's trademark injection molding technique." A jelly shoe by any other name is still hideous footwear.


jax said...

no need to comment on the shoes for they are hideous. My question is, is one really an architect if one's designs are never constructed or are so avant-garde they can not be constructed? If that is the case, I am an architect too I guess for I have some very fancy doodles on a napkin I can share with you. Really, you wouldn't be called a gardener if you never touched a plant, would you?

perchance said...

Jax, you're cracking me up! Indeed, one could claim to be most anything. Sorry I got around to com-answering so late, stoopid spam filter.