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Monday, June 16, 2008

Pet peeve

- "Woods" wallpaper by Cole and Son -

What is with this damn wallpaper? Every shelter magazine has featured it in the past 18 months, and every design blog (and blog and blog) gets moist talking about it. Can someone at least try it in another colorway? And I'm not even going to discuss the bowl on the counter.


Joslyn said...

i can't help it...i know it's overplayed, but i just love that paper.

but yes, that bowl is ugly. for sure! ;-)

perchance said...

You get a pass because I love your blog.

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

well it IS really pretty... but I like the gray & blue and beige & gray colorways better... a little dreamier and more abstract.

jax said...

Who started that whole bowl sink thing? I hate them both aesthetically and logistically. They must be a pain in the butt to clean. The worst offenders are the sinks that are flat and one places the bowl on top to hold the water such as this little number or this other equally impractical number.

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

guess what--it's featured again on designsponge!

perchance said...

OK, I'm not going to leave a snarky reply on that site, but I will on my own. I appreciate she's trying to do something different with that nursery. But here's what needs to happen: bigger rug, move that old weird sconce, pick the three decorative pillows up off the floor and replace with proper floor cushions if that's the desired look. And I know, "Woods" is an expensive wallpaper, but she really needs to go whole hog not just one wall. Hell, what am I saying - those ugly PPB bags are expensive enough. She can afford to do the whole room.