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Thursday, June 12, 2008


- Tory Burch store in Soho -

Tory Burch rubs me the wrong way. Although the boho prep in me digs her aesthetic, the big gold glossy logo is too too much. For starters, it looks like an enormous cross and Mrs. Burch (not Ms., even though she's divorced) is Jewish. The kind of Jewish Aerin Lauder is, where you appear in a glossy shelter magazine showing off your Christmas decorations (the now defunct House & Garden, December 2007). And I thought the well-bred super-rich weren't into logos, too declasse and all. I'm also bothered by her "I'm an everywoman" claim. Uh, no you're not. Until very recently you occupied a 9000 square foot apartment atop a hotel with an entrance hall so large your sons could skateboard in it. Mrs. Burch would also have you believe she's from a Philadelphia Main Line family when in fact she's from Valley Forge.

In today's NY Times, writer Cintra Wilson visited Mrs. Burch's Soho boutique and had this to say: "Tory Burch clothing inhabits a privileged, prim, declawed, deodorized look that culturally symbolizes a state of voluntary submission to the males of her tribe. But, hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s who you are."


The Nerdy Fashionista said...

OMG I just laughed at loud, again, at one of your comment tags: self-loathing Jews. ANYWAY, for what it's worth, I think she may not actually really be an old-money gal... her ex is a wildly successful venture capitalist. But I could be totally wrong. At any rate, her line rubs me the wrong way, too; I've never seen even one thing that looked original or fresh. And I f'ing hate those logo flats.

go said...

1. the tag. i followed that tag. you're too funny.
2. i hate TB with a passion.

C.J. said...

wow, you guys are brutal

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Recognise. Snap. I am about five years too late.