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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blood marble

- Ziarat marble sink -

No doubt you've heard of blood diamonds and the ethical morass of purchasing any diamond nowadays. But I was stunned to learn of a similar situation with a marble quarry in Pakistan controlled by the Taliban. The quarry produces Ziarat white marble, and every truckload leaving the grounds must pay a bribe to the Taliban. Money which funds attacks on U.S. forces as well as repressive rule in remote tribal areas. I had no trouble finding several American companies fabricating and selling the marble in question. Read the NY Times article here.


The Nerdy Fashionista said...

OK, is it wrong that my first thought on seeing this image on your blog was not concern over the blood marble, but concern over the fact that you had un-ironically posted a bowl sink? (This was quickly followed by concern that the sink in question seems to be a Bowl Sink to Nowhere... check it out, no drain!)

perchance said...

Oh trust me, all of that went through my mind. But it was the best photo I could find of the marble in question. The shot is from a fabricator's website, so I'm guessing this is a showroom sample. Complete with upscale ribbon detail. Snark snark.