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Monday, July 28, 2008

Cookie magazine - not just for annoying BoBos

Cookie magazine has an online slideshow featuring several ways to dress up your walls. My new favorite wallpaper artisan, Deborah Bowness, is first up.

My husband, the world's biggest Godzilla fan, would go apeshit for this.

I loathe wall stickers no matter how cool the pattern. Over-played, over-hyped.

Not as kid-ish as the others but Mama likee for her bedroom.

Mmmm... colorblocks done well. Always a good option.

Now if Cookie would post more themed slideshows instead of making us dig around in homes featured by geographical location (WTF?), the world would be a better place.


sherri said...

I like all of these too. My son would love the godzilla one.

karly said...

i just randomly found your blog and am cruising old posts... lady, i hear ya on the wall stickers! Seriously, when will the madness end?!