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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Spring is in the air... I can feel it! The days are getting longer and some of the weird-looking plants I haven't bothered to learn the names of are starting to bloom. The top picture is Hagley Park, an enormous park in the center of Christchurch where one can spend an entire afternoon strolling and not begin to see everything. On any given Saturday, you can run into a troop of bagpipers practicing, a group of Maoris doing the haka, buskers performing, and a United Nations variety of tourists enjoying the day. Hagley has a beyond wonderful children's area with equipment for all ages and abilities (including a wheelchair "swing") and two kiddie pools. Whatever other faults New Zealand has, the parks are superlative.

Last weekend as I drove around the west end of the estuary, I glanced over to see more than a thousand black swans bobbing on the water. My camera was at home in the kitchen (I nearly cried), or else I would be sharing with you that visual feast. Words cannot begin...


sherri said...

sounds gorgeous there. I still want to go to New Zealand no matter what a-holes you've encountered there. it just looks so beautiful.

perchance said...

Oh, they love tourists here. Give us your money and leave within two weeks, please. It is beautiful scenery, no doubt. Funny story...I was having lunch a few months ago with a British expat living in France here to check the country out for a possible lifestyle change. She thought is was pretty enough but said that she had seen nothing that compared to the national parks of the US.