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Monday, July 21, 2008

Leggings, neon, and a normal Tom Cruise

House Beautiful's website is featuring another fantastic kitchen slideshow - the 1980s! And, of course, I have to share my favorites. The first photo looks like every kitchen in my neighborhood growing up. Longaberger baskets hanging from every surface filled with dried or fake flowers. *shuddering at the memory*

I adore the incorporation of the modern home computer. Or is that the microwave?

This one is amazing because it could be featured today in the same magazine and no one would guess it was a 1981 remodel. Seriously, other than the outmoded appliances, would you know?


sherri said...

what was/sometimes is up with hanging a damn basket? you seem to know about these things, let me in on the secret...

perchance said...

Girl, I have no idea what the allure of a country basket is. All of the baskets in my house hold stuff and sit on the floor. It has never occurred to me to suspend one overhead.