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Thursday, July 17, 2008

A modern day Eden

Oh, sweet Jeebus! I've never been one for gardens or gardening (I couldn't grow a pot of grass for my cat to nibble on), but this formal garden on the grounds of Alnwick Castle in England takes my breath away. Designed by Jacques Wirtz, a Belgian landscape architect, the gardens feature "the Grand Cascade, a multitiered hillside waterfall and fountain that is the visual centerpiece of the site; a formal ornamental garden with water rills that contains one of the largest collections of European plants in Britain; a Rose Garden with 3,000 roses in 180 varieties; a Serpent Garden with swirling yew hedges and eight stainless steel water sculptures by William Pye, an English sculptor; the Bamboo Labyrinth, with 500 bamboo plants; a $7 million treehouse built amid 17 lime trees, with an education center, a restaurant that seats 80 people and thousands of square feet of suspended walkways; and the Poison Garden, a spooky fenced-off area with about 100 varieties of toxic plants, as well as cannabis and opium poppies."

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