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Friday, July 18, 2008

You're special

So every other blogger has been a-twitter this week about new project photos on Steven Gambrel's website. What I noticed about the images reminded me of an incident about ten years ago in my interiors shop. Our city magazine's new monthly issue had hit the newsstands that day, and one of my good customers came in to show me her home which had been featured. It was one of three by a local interior designer who worked for the big furniture store in town. I admired her home and then we flipped through to take a better look at the other two featured. Turns out they all had the same coffee table in the living room and more than a few other copycat elements scattered throughout. The customer was crestfallen because her designer has assured her that he viewed each project as an individual creative experience.

Kinda like the gray-grouted subway tiles featured in three different Gambrel projects.


The Nerdy Fashionista said...

Hmmm. While I think they look fantastic in the photographs, I think I might get sick of them pretty quickly in real life.

perchance said...