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Monday, August 25, 2008

Kiwi PSAs

New Zealand public service announcements are meant to terrorize you into behaving properly. Kiwi PSAs are loud, raucous, gory, and often macabre. Please to enjoy.

Note: You will notice an absence of stop signs. They are rare here. The intersections without roundabouts have a give way or yield rule.

Karly (and anyone else have viewing issues), try this link.


Debi said...

Yeah - they were horrible. Especially the drinking ones - I always had to change the channel as they were a tad too violent for the little ones. Doesn't really seem to deter people either...maybe they should invest in some stop signs..with also those immigrant tax dollars.

Raina said...

Enh, she'll be all right.

karly said...

i can't make it play :(

Raina said...

Karly, I just added a weblink for you. Not sure wha' happened. Please to enjoy.