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Friday, August 15, 2008

Let's keep this topic in the closet

Domino magazine online is featuring an updated slideshow of vanities. The thought of having a table full of crap sitting in our bedroom gives me shudders, so this is the only photo I am digging. This would be my dream closet actually. Sans the weird little chair. Speaking of, I think Domino let the interns run wild selecting the vanity and chair combos towards the end. There are some wacky combinations which are trying too hard to be clever.

Do any of the bloggle gang have vanities and what do they look like? Links to pictures would be lurvely!

P.S. Would somebody please ascertain the date I can expect the mirrored furniture trend to go away? Thanks in advance.

P.P.S. Why do people save/collect Hermes and Tiffany boxes?


erin@designcrisis said...

I don't have a vanity in the bedroom, but I've been hunting for one for a long time. The spot where I want to put it faces my bed, and I can't find anything I like enough to look at every morning.

As for the boxes, it's just more status conscious crap. I wonder if people buy the boxes with nothing in them?

karly said...

no vanity for me, I'm with you, Raina, the idea of a table of junk in my room gives me chills. I won't even allow a dresser. Seriously.

Mirrored Furniture: I don't mind it but generally find that I am happiest when looking at myself, so, hopefully the date isn't until I get all old and wrinkly, or preggers, whichever happens first (wrinkly).

Boxes: I don't know, some people also like to be peed on.

Raina said...

Erin, a quick check of eBay confirms that people do indeed by the empty boxes. Weird.

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

I used to work on clients' closets sometimes at my old job, and I couldn't tell you how many of them had their Chanel & Hermes boxes sitting around. It wasn't enough to have the big-name stuff, you had to keep the box that the big-name stuff came in. And the dustbags! Not actually ON the shoes and bags, just stored elsewhere... bags of bags. Literally. Just in case, you know, you had a burning need for 120 small cotton drawstring bags with designer brands emblazoned across them.

I used to have a vanity, but it was basically just a flat surface to display my jewelry box and precious little else... for a long time I had a sort of "tablescape" on it (I know, I'm ashamed), and when I realized that I had something taking up a large amount of space in my room for absolutely no purpose, I sold it.

Raina said...

NerF, there's no shame in the tablescape. I used love getting into the zen of rearranging my detritus. Once I opened my interiors shop, I could spend all day doing it and call it "work."

And back to the first part of your comment - were these new money people? I always think of label hoarding as something the newly rich does.

In my clothing store, as a rule, the customers with the logos hanging out and the biggest status bags were the ones trying to prove something (and usually had maxxed out credit cards). The truly wealthy were always very quiet about it.