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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lost in translation

Can someone please explain felt pebbles to me? No seriously, what is the fascination? I typed "felt pebble" into the Etsy search feature and 49 items popped up. The description for the ones above kills me: "They can be stacked like a cairn, lined up on a shelf as if they were stepping-stones or nestled in a little bowl to catch admiring glances." Wow! Just like real pebbles.


karly said...

ha ha. but why did you type felt pebble, lady?

Raina said...

Because I was digging around on the Elle Decor SA blog and saw these:

If Elle Decor finds them fascinating, then the pebbles must hold some magical talismanic property that I am unaware of.

sherri said...

I like the new label "etsy abominations." where's your photo -that sinus infection excuse won't last forever, lady. uh, yes. I'm back in town.