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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mrs. Obvious dispenses advice

Talk about the Sybil of ceramic artists. Lorena Barrezzueta, creator of those hideous pieces of serving ware that are meant to look like takeout containers, has introduced a kick-ass line of porcelain bangles and necklaces called "Listen Lady." The bracelets are printed with stud and houndstooth patterns as well as winky-winky images of Casio and Rolex watches. The necklaces, reminiscent of cameos, feature American sign language figures. Methinks she should ditch the dishes and concentrate on the baubles.

More info here. Artist's website here.

P.S. Cristin, Mrs. Obvious recommends a necklace with a "G." So sweet.


Cristin said...

AH! I got all excited when I saw the ASL handshapes then you mentioned me!! You're so cool... those are great.... where can I get one again.... I have to go look now...