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Monday, August 4, 2008

My eyes are bleeding

I know I promised to return to interiors snark, but I'm disturbed by an article in yesterday's LA Times raving about the return of pegged jeans: "That's right: The puffy, peg-leg '80s profile we never thought would come back is with us again -- and we're not even snickering. Girls in East Side bars, fashion publicists in Beverly Hills and style leaders such as Holmes are doing the peg-and-roll, creating a silhouette that's relaxed at the top, slouchy even, with an above-the- ankle crop that shows off a killer pair of shoes."

The designers behind a new this week's denim line claim that "because the silhouette sits low on the hips and is cut loose, it works on both curvy and straight bodies." Um, no it doesn't. The "designers" in question reference their junior high memories of the hideous peg, a time when most bodies still look like beanpoles.

And I don't remember this being a trend of the 1980s so much as the early 90s (anyone else?). I also distinctly remember it being, oh how you say, very down market. And I'm dubious of any trend embraced by the nitwit above.



karly said...

i can't even write a good comment. my soul hurts, this is insane.

you are right, this was very early 90's and no one looks good in it. love or hate kate holmes, the girl looks great in anything - except this.

I guess fashion editors will just latch on to anything sort-of newish these days.

i have to go cry now.

erin@designcrisis said...

Yay! Finally! A way to make my legs look shorter and fatter!

sherri said...

Didn't you hear that this is a cool look? All the Scientoligists sport it, so it must be. Someone please deprogram her.

Robin said...

Hers is a What Not To Wear outfit if ever I saw one: black socks with the gladiator heels, what appear to be his old jeans, a slouch sweater with too-long sleeves. There is nothing polished or stylish about this, with or without the pegging. She looks like she is trying to look like she is 14. Oh, wait, she is 14 right?