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Sunday, August 10, 2008

NerF, I gotcha beat!

Girl, behold the splendor, grace, and elegance of Z Gallerie's "Crystal Ship Chandelier" (a more poetic name has never before been conjured). Oh snap! *doing a victory dance*

Or, for nearly quadruple the price, Horchow's "Crystal Ship Chandelier." Wait, wha...Zoinks should totes sue Horchow. Surely, the bastion of upper lower middle class decorating (no, seriously who is Zoinks' customer?) will not be shown up by some fancy schmancy McMansion House of Style catalog like Horchow.

And just for reference, here is an antique schooner of crystal horror as photographed in Jennifer Nicholson's dining room for the August 2006 issue of now defunct House & Garden magazine. Yes, that Jennifer Nicholson. Daughter of Jack and designer of weird pantaloons.


erin@designcrisis said...

Whew, girl, don't you get out on the weekends?! I just don't know what to comment on first! Ok, the ships are pissing me off. Question: Should crystal ships make an appearance on the "stuff white people like" blog?

Raina said...

I haven't been out much lately with the wee one going on week two of sicky sicky grossness. I stayed home from work today with her, so I had tons of free time to opine about all things design.