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Thursday, August 7, 2008

No no no, I said "Miss Thing"

Your random funny blog for the day is "Cake Wrecks," a online diary of the worst professionally decorated cakes ever created. Included are a Chinese bound foot (for a podiatrist), a naked woman giving birth (for a baby shower), and a pile of crap with little plastic flies. Oh, and many many misspellings. Which reminds me of my 30th birthday cake, lovingly provided by my GBF. When he called to place the order, he requested that it say "Happy Birthday Miss Thing." Well, the woman he spoke to had a pronounced Asian accent and the cake ended up reading "Happy Birthday Miss Ting." God, I wish I'd taken a picture.

Here, via Jezebel.


karly said...

isn't this just the best blog ever?! Cake + disaster = time of my life