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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Turn left on Medici Terrace

Per Sherri's request, I'm revisiting the Real Estate section of the LA Times online. The Home of the Week is the improbably named Palazzo del Mare (which appears to be quite a way from the ocean). The Hermosa Beach "estate" is owned by a tech entrepreneur who wanted a little place that felt "like you're in an old Mediterranean [sic] from the get-go." Indeed.

Murals and ceiling frescoes were commissioned and plaster was imported from Verona, Italy. Um, I didn't know one could import plaster. I thought you bought it at Lowe's and mixed up in a bucket on site. Except for that fancy Venetian stuff. Ignorant me. And did all of their furniture come from Kreiss?

The kitchen features "three ovens, two dishwashers, an indoor grill and handblown amber glass light fixtures." All the better to cast a glow over the acres of blue marble. I love how the tops of the cabinets are merchandised like the homewares department of Macy's.

All of this guido loveliness can be yours for a mere $7.9 million. A bargain really.


sherri said...

thank you. the blue marble makes me feel queasy.

erin@designcrisis said...

What do you mean? It makes me think of sunny Tuscany at the Epcot center! I *love* faux finished furniture! And why would I choose a color for my counter tops other than smurf blue?

Robin said...

Why is everything in these houses always so beige? the walls, the floors, the furniture? Don't these people ever read a shelter mag or pick up a design book? This house is not only tacky, its tacky in boring beige.

Raina said...

Robin, I think they were trying to keep it classy.

erin@designcrisis said...

The word "classy" is an oxymoron ;)