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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Amazing Etsy quilts

Made from vintage designer scarves including Pierre Balmain and Vera Neumann (eeeee!!!). Available from Ouno here. Queen/king size.

Buddy crib quilt embroidered with the lyrics to "Everyday." Available from Napoleon Quilts here.

Multi-striped strip queen-size quilt available from Uniquelynancy here.


karly said...

oh, i'm so in love with the scarf one!!!! I think you just found my new bedspread

sherri said...

I LOVE that last one!

erin@designcrisis said...

I want that scarf one, too, but I want someone else to pay for it. I've been collecting scarves for a while, maybe krafty Karly can whip something up?

Cristin said...

The stripey one is my fave.

sherri said...

My son prefers the top scarf one, too, and asked me when we were getting it. It is so cute when they have no concept of money isn't it?