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Friday, September 5, 2008

Are cupcakes a trend?

Sweet Jeebus, I hope not. An unnecessary article in the New York Times predicting the demise of all things cupcake.


PutzFrau said...

I think cupcakes have seen their hayday.

Good thing is, unlike krispy kreme, they'll always have a place a childrens bday parties.

Raina said...

Putzy, that's the only reason I had a child. For the birthday parties.

please sir said...

Yes - they will always have a place at kid parties, baby showers, and even bridal parties. Really enjoying your blog - so glad I found you!

Raina said...

Hello Please. Or do I call you Ms. Sir? Either way, it's a pleasure (get it) to meet you. ;)

Take care,


sherri said...

Amy Sedaris has a cupcake business in NY, sort of anyway. She bakes and sells to this bakery as she feels the need. That is my idea of owning my own business. Her cupcake recipe:

Raina said...

Thanks for that Sherri, I do love Miss Amy. How ever did lightning strike twice in that family?