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Friday, September 26, 2008

Art for change

- Gwinn Estate, Bratenahl, Ohio, 1997 by Frank Gohlke -

Artist and photography professor Ahndraya Parlato has organized "Art for Obama," an online auction of works by contemporary photographers with proceeds going to Barack Obama's presidential campaign, the Democratic party, and similarly focused nonprofits. The auction begins October 1st and additional works are still being added.

"Art for Obama" website here. Via

- Little Patriots, 2003 by Nina Berman -

- #6097, 2006 by Todd Hido -


hello gorgeous said...

Cool. Very cool. I've made my donations but I would rather have done this.

I did make my phone calls tonight, though.

Raina said...

I would love to have two of the prints being offered, but I have a feeling these are going to go for thousands.

Robin said...

I have an aversion to straight out donating $ to political campaigns. They spend a small fortune on buying ads to badmouth each other that they could have spent on feeding the poor or community healthcare or whatever is their cause du jour. I can, however, see myself buying art for a cause. At least then I get something tangible out of it.

Speaking of tangible, a little package arrived from Kiwiland today.... thank you!

Raina said...

Wow, that was quick. And you're most welcome.