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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I swear it was in Little Shop of Horrors

Plants and landscaping around my neighborhood. I love the jurassic beast in the photo below. I held my keys next to it for scale. I'll try to check back in a few days to see what's shakin' with Audrey Jr.


Robin said...

IS that moss in the last photo? gorgeous!

Raina said...

It looks like moss but is actually a native New Zealand (and Australian) plant called Canberra grass. Here's the poop:

Common name: Canberra Grass
Botanical name: Scleranthus biflorus. The genus name Scleranthus comes from the Greek meaning hard flower and the species name biflorus simply means it flowers in pairs.
Description: Grows as low attractive mounds of what looks like green moss. It is most effective near rocks and between stepping stones. It is grown for its lush green colour, foliage and texture.
Climate: Canberra Grass grows best in cool to semi-tropical areas.
Uses: ground cover around rockeries and stepping stones garden edges
Likes: full sun to retain its compact form good drainage protection from frost and wet in winter