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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Le bonheur

Marie Claire Maison online has a new slide show up, "Salles de bains à effet matière." Loosely translated "Bathrooms with Material Effects." Sigh. Why must American bathrooms be so cookie cutter?


sherri said...

I love that last one.

Robin said...

I think they are cookie cutter because we are a culture whose mantra is "re-sale value". God forbid anyone install something that suits only their own aesthetic, because it won't suit Mr. & Mrs. Suburban Boring if the place goes on the market.

I also love that last one, despite the vessel sink.

Raina said...

Robin, you're spot on. I think all of this flipping of properties in the past few years has really dumbed down interior design. Taupe walls, all-white kitchens, cheap veneered wood floors.

Maybe with the downturn (I mean free fall) of the economy, people will be staying in their homes longer and we'll see expressive interiors return.

erin@designcrisis said...

Funny that you say that -- we've been going through the exact same thought process recently. I mean, I would never live in a taupe house even if we were planning to flip, but now we are thinking we'll have to stay longer than planned, and I'm about to get medieval on the kitchen.