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Thursday, September 11, 2008

No pressure, Sir

Three reasons I love this photo:
3. Bill Clinton's office was designed by the sublime Sheila Bridges.
2. The Presidential seal throw pillow.
1. One represents the last time the U.S. was held in esteem and financially solvent. One represents the next time the U.S. will be held in esteem and financially solvent.

From a NY Times article here.


Debi said...

It Just has to happen! Obama is in NH this weekend - the whole state is abuzz!

Robin said...

Would that I were a fly on the wall when these two were alone to converse sans press...

There's a show on the IFC channel called Iconoclasts, where one celeb interviews/hangs out with another celeb who is a friend, mentor or idol (e.g., Mario Butali interviews (and cooks with) his buddy Michael Stipe). These two would make for a great episode of that show.

Raina said...

Robin, I love that show! I saw the one where Tom Ford interviewed Jeff Koons. Fantastic!