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Monday, September 8, 2008

The theme is "kitchens"

but the content is all over the place. From Australian House & Garden, I love the first two for the shots of color in an otherwise clean white setting. The top photo is the kitchen of this house, here and here.

These last three photos are from New Zealand Your Home & Garden. Here are two shots of one kitchen whose cabinetry is pretty close to (my vision of) perfection. Simple, dark, clean, no hardware issues, and a groovy 1970s vibe. Bliss.

This final shot is a great modern treatment of beadboard. With no mention of the countertop material, I'm crossing my fingers that it's soapstone.

Update: The dynamic duo over at Desire to Inspire have posted a much more extensive (and better) post about contemporary dark wood cabinets here.


erin@designcrisis said...

I have HUGE crush on soapstone! That's what I want in my fantasy kitchen, but alas, I have formica and it's gonna stay that way for a while.

please sir said...

Oh I like these - yes to the soapstone! Same here erin!