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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wait... what?

When did Target start carrying Graham & Brown wallpaper on their website? The patterns featured are priced at full retail but free shipping is a happy bonus. Graham & Brown's signature paper "Frames" (above) is not included in the Target offering, but 162 other fabulous wallpapers are. A selection of my faves below.

- Helsinki -

- City Scape -

- Piranha -

- Swirls -

Graham & Brown's website here.


Cristin said...

Oooh... swirls reminds me of my hippie days.... Target?? Really??

sherri said...

nice. now who's gonna put it up for me if I buy some?

Raina said...

Just hold onto it until this time next year, and I'll pop over to hang it.

Raina said...

Right now, I'm watching a trashy documentary called "Fashion Victim, the Killing of Gianni Versace."

erin@designcrisis said...

Target has the most AWESOME stuff online, so why can't they stock some of it in stores? Especially the wallpaper. LOVE the Helsinki pattern!

Raina said...

I would ask why this stuff is buried on the website. I stumbled across these papers looking for something else. Wallpaper isn't even listed on the "Home" menu. What other little lovelies are hiding on that site?