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Friday, September 5, 2008

Wit, thy name is Simon

Sigh. I love this man. Reason #632 here.


erin@designcrisis said...

I'm so embarrassed that I don't really know who this dude is (but I love his shirt!)

I simply must indulge in more design related media (i.e., TV on Bravo).

Raina said...

Whoops. Sorry, Erin. I just figure everyone shares my vast knowledge of (obsession with) celebrity and pop culture.

Simon Doonan is Jonathan Adler's husband.

Anna at D16 said...

OMG! That's so funny, yesterday I was just commenting on Design Crisis that Palin looks like a LensCrafters ad. Simon and I are sooooo much alike!

Sometimes I see him on my way to work (my office is a few blocks from Barneys), and he has this Goyard messenger bag that has his initials on it in HUUUUGE letters (like, 12" tall). Awesome.

Raina said...

SWOON! I would not be able to hold myself back if I saw Simon. I would run up to him screaming "You are my gay Allah!!!" It's a good thing I live 10,000 miles away.