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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Clever" does not equal "good"

- Z Gallerie's Seven Deadly Sins Mingling Plates -

These are bad. Not bad like Michael Jackson in 1982. Bad like Katie Holmes' pegged jeans. Bad like Kelly Worstler's new Disco Dynasty look.* Bad like a vice presidential candidate who believes she needs protection from witches.

- Crate and Barrel's Wine and Dine -

*Yeah, I'm not done beating that dead horse yet.


erin@designcrisis said...

Gross. I generally hate things that say something. And I especially hate what those things are saying.

Raina said...

Yeah, like I need to be reminded of my gluttony as I shove six cheese straws down my throat.

Kate said...

Dont mock the witch protection thing.
Because seriously, if I was a witch, I'd be searching the internet for for an appropriate spell.
How many do we need for a coven?
Thats what those tray/glass things are for.
A coven of mediocre aspirational witches for their things with a coulis.

Raina said...

Kate, you crack me up.