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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yeah, it'll work

Crate and Barrel has a passable Hanukkah dinnerware offering this year. Pickings are always so slim for the Festival of Lights that design-minded Heebs get excited about nearly anything half-way decent. The only other options are to work a silver-banded every-day set or make your own at a Paint-a-Plate.

Thoughts, NKP?


erin@designcrisis said...

I think you should make some and market them. Shame on the design industry for not having more options. If they can make gaudy reindeer plates, then surely they can offer you a slew of (hopefully more stylish) choices.

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

F'ing SERIOUSLY! That C&B set is bland-ola. At least you spotted that rocking not-necessarily-intended-to-be-but-
we'll-take-it Menorah.

Also, and here is where I have to beg you to forgive my ignorance, but aren't Rosh Hashana and Passover more important holidays for family get-togethers and meals? I feel like I always heard that the fluffing of Hannukah as a holiday was mainly down to the fact that retailers decided they had to give the Tribe something to buy in December. Are there any colors or symbols that would be associated with seasonal/celebratory pieces for those other holidays? I would love to see them.

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NOCKSAT. Sounds like...

Raina said...

NerF, You are correct. Hanukkah is a relatively minor holiday that has been hijacked by the retail industrial complex.

The only other important piece of Jewish holiday tableware is the seder plate for Passover. Those vary widely and wildly in look and price.

NKP said...

And to think, I almost missed my 15 seconds of fame. My boys' schedules have been kicking my tuchus this week! As for the china, it's kinda ho-hum. I know what you mean about the Hannukah choices; sad, sad, sad. But I think I'll pass on the gimmicky plates. Pass me a doughnut instead! ;0) Do you get "The Source for Everything Jewish" catalog in NZ? There must be a typo. It should be called The Source for Everything Ugly! I know it's religious "stuff" and all, but I don't think the big Man up above would mind a little style now and again. I think Jonathan Adler owes us a Hannukah place setting or two.? But my fav of all the C & B offerings has to be the "dreidel ornament," presumably to hang on my Hannukah bush (dripping with sarcasm)? That's it! Last time you ask for my opinion, huh? :0)

Katie said...

In response to NKP. I've never really paid much attention to Hannukah stuff because I celebrate Christmas. But the religious "stuff" catalogs being ugly is true all across the board. For some reason, the people who design this stuff think, "eh, well as long as it has a cross or the star of David on it, they'll buy it. Who cares?" I think we should all get together and start a religious stuff company and make Christian and Jewish stuff that isn't gaudy. We can add other religions in, too. I'm sure everyone has the same problem, right?

Raina said...

NKP, You're so right about Adler. He needs to step up and show his people some love. I've always wondered why he doesn't do a seder plate.

I found an awesome one a few years ago on eBay that I had shipped over from Israel. It looked exactly like something Adler would have done and the Brady Bunch would have had if they were Jewish. It broke in shipment as did my heart when I opened it.

And I've not seen the catalog you mention, but I can imagine. I used to own a home store and have been to umpteen markets, so I know what's out there at the wholesale level. Bupkis.