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Monday, October 13, 2008

My Monday evening hijinks

- North Carolina State Fair blue ribbon winning cake -

So I'm taking a cake decorating course with my BFF Fiona at our local community college. Our first class was last night and was just as amazing as you might imagine. Our instructor is a passive-aggressive American-hating 1980s-art-jewelry-wearing-in-an-unironic-way cakefrau named Terri. She could be an SNL character and I completely dig her!

When she read my name on her roster, she pronounced it "Rah-een-a." I corrected her and was told with that pronunciation she would have expected it to be spelled "Rayner." She kills me!

Terri let me know that American cake decorators are way over the top and that we would be working in the British/Kiwi tradition. OK. Then flipping through photographs, my fellow students were admiring a couple of super fab cakes. Terri snidely let us know those were Yank creations. I said we do enjoy a little razzmatazz. I'm so going to enjoy the next two months of Monday evenings.

I'll be taking photos of my creations and sharing more Terri stories. The Pea's birthday is in a couple of months, so hopefully I can make a sweet little something like this mouses cake.


Alicia B Blogs said...

she sounds so funny! People have troubles all the time with my name (pronouced a-lish-a) so I totally feel your pain!

sherri said...

Please Please make that mouse cake for the Pea. It looks deliciously adorable.

hello gorgeous said...

You are so cute. I love "razzmatazz."

My daughter was born on July 5 so for about 10 years I spent the 4th of July at home baking this fabulous cake for her. And entirely missing the 4th of July (except I would always finish for fireworks).

Sometime, I'll send you pix.


Raina said...

HG, my daughter was born on January 1st so I'll probably be missing lots of future New Year parties. But how fun is that birthday!

Camilla @ Designalogue said...

R your daughter and i are nearly twins! (yeah, a few years apart blah blah!) Im a new years baby and love how the world is celebrating MY birth.
Whats kinda weird is that they celebrated ME before i was even born!?!

Super cute cakes! though the knitting one would freak me out a little!

Raina said...

I'm glad to hear an adult with that birthday who really loves it. I've been a bit concerned that she'll miss out on having parties (I mean what hungover adult is going to drag their child to our shindig?) and the obligatory school cupcake fest.

Camilla @ Designalogue said...

Oh - it does really SUCK as a kidling! especially in this hemisphere where new years is also summer holidays - everyone is away...but Ive grown up fine, don't have any issues about it or nothin...especially once i realized the world is totally revolving around ME! see, everyone celebrates MY birthday even!!!!!
Um...i should elaborate that i think the film "the Truman show" is an elaborate documentary REALLY TRULY is about ME! But you are probably watching - so you already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
really, no issues...nothin!!!

erin@designcrisis said...

I don't understand this "yankee" cake business. Please help me to understand.

Raina said...

The British/Kiwi tradition calls for plain rolled fondant (the smooth paste-looking covering), traditional shapes, and little embellishment, whereas Americans tend to say,"Give me your wildest fantasy and I'll create a sugar, flour, and food coloring homage!" (see sewing basket)

If you've ever seen a cake decorating challenge on The Food Network, you'll know what I mean.

I'll post photos as the weeks progress and it should become more clear.

Katie said...

She sounds great! I'm so jealous you get to take a class your community college. None of the colleges around here have cake decorating and I want to learn so bad. I could take one at a local craft store, but it's just not as in depth...Can't wait to see your pictures!

Robin said...

OMG, I can't wait for the play-by-play on this. I'll have to get my BF to send me the pics he took at our friends' "Trailer Trash Birthday Party" (one turned 30 and his partner turned 40). The cake was a trailer with a toilet on the porch and a mangy dog in the front yard. The cake decorator was booked solid but when they told her the theme she subcontracted out some lame wedding cake so she could make their white trash dreams come true.