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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tug boat trip!

Today, The Pea and I joined some very good friends for a tug boat ride around Lyttelton Harbor. The area was formed about a gajillion years ago (give or take) when one side of an enormous ancient volcano collapsed into the sea. And the waters are just as turquoise as they appear in the photos. The island you see near Governors Bay was once a leper colony and then a prison colony. Good times.

The boat is over 100 years old and burns coal (we'll look the other way on that). The cabins and mess hall have been faithfully restored and there is even a mini maritime museum tucked in a corner. Over the loudspeaker, an enthusiastic tour guide talked nearly non-stop for over an hour telling us everything we ever wanted to know about the harbor, port, town, local geography, and international shipping. Bless her heart.

The town of Lyttelton and its harbor.

Diamond Harbor.

The mess hall.

A crew cabin.

Trouble brewing.

Thank the sailing gods The Pea loved every moment and didn't even think about getting seasick. 'Scuse the cracker schmutz.


sherri said...

Mademoiselle sweet face again. She's too much. Tug boat? Fun!

sherri said...

p.s. word verification?


dig excess sleep why?

erin@designcrisis said...

As you would say, Squeeeee!

Katie said...

She is adorable! That water is gorgeous. And the mountains (?) in the distance are my dream come true. I must put New Zealand on my list of some-day-trips