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Monday, November 24, 2008

Flokati and sheepskin


Metropolitan Home.





House Beautiful.


Living Etc.


karly / design-crisis said...

What's your experience with these rugs? I would love to have one on my bedroom floor but am worried about upkeep with 3 pets. Love the pics BTW

Raina said...

Short-piles can be vacuumed, long-piles shaken or beaten. Machine or handwash, depending on the size. Because the rugs retain the natural lanolins, they resist dirt well.

Pet messes: "If something sticky is found on the sheepskin rug you can clean it up using the suds from
mixing liquid soap and water together. If Urine (pet or people) is the problem we recommend
using 'urine gone' or a similar product."

More info here:

karly / design crisis said...

THANKS!!! Now, to find a huge one in my budget. I may have to shave my cats and make my own.

Raina said...

LMAO! Well, it's about time they're put to good use.

hello gorgeous said...

Karly - Ikea used to have them dirt cheap. My experience is they are great but mine's in a virtually unused room.

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

I am loving the color palette in that met home one... yum yum yum.

Karly, what is your dog's name? I've only ever heard about Laser and Magnus.

WordVer: firsersp. The Harry Potter curse to make someone stutter.

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

I also have to direct everyone to Antonia from Whoopee's post about washing her flokati rug:

In short, she describes it as "6 hours bent double over a bathtub wrestling a conked-out sheep."

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

I grew up with Flokati's when they were the cool last time around - 70's! i likey - but i cant help but think of the spiders that get lost in them ( A common occurrence! in my child hood home!)

erin@designcrisis said...

Noooooo flokati rugs in high traffic areas! I had a huge one in California and it was a nightmare to keep clean. I now have several sheepskin rugs and they're much easier to clean, and resist dirt better (cat puke came up like magic!).