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Friday, November 14, 2008

I want one

Cookie magazine.


Kate said...

me too..... beats the stenna stairlift, well, going down anyway.
re the post removed about TK, I only wish I had Simon Doonans imagination. But at least when its unavoidable and I do see that 'art' then at least i can have a giggle now, when I think of the dappled light trails leading to the pornographers picnic.

Raina said...

Sorry about that. I thought it was a little long-winded and bit off-topic. I'm constantly struggling to keep this a design blog and not a "every little thing Raina finds interesting" blog.

I throw in bits about life in NZ and pictures of The Pea to shake it up now and then.

Cristin said...

lucky kids!

karly / design crisis said...

are you kidding? I'm the clumsiest woman in america. This is the design equivalent of an engraved invitation to break my neck.

But it is pretty

Leigh said...


Decorina said...

I laughed to see this - I once got my bull terrier, Wugly, to go down a package slide in a retail store. When he zipped out onto the showroom floor a startled salesman almost had a coronary. That dog was fearless, but he wouldn't go down it again.