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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Macy's parade gets Rick-rolled

I nearly wet my pants when I saw this. Teh Rick holds a special place in my heart. I was going to school in England during the winter of 1988 and Mr. Astley was HA-YUGE at that moment in time. All over the radio and "Top of the Pops." Played at least once an hour in any club you went to. People humming the song in the streets. OK, not that last bit. Brits don't hum.

Damn, has it been twenty years?



Kate said...

I'll have you know I hold a very good hum.
Cant sing and am tone deaf, but my very british humming is top notch super duper.
Rick rocks.

word verification is poutsap.
wow even the internet is calling me names.

Jon A said...

As a fan of 'Foster's' I was like 'wtf is with this crappy song?' Then, yes, pants were nearly wet here, too ... or, rather, pan of stuffing was nearly dropped. I never thought's I'd hear the phrase 'Rickrolled' on national television. :)

Raina said...

Kate, I stand corrected.

Robin said...

Holy cow I can't believe I missed this. I used to love this song. It was practically the soundtrack for our dorm junior year of college. He had more enthusiasm then. And better hair.

Raina said...

Poor thing looked puffy, didn't he?

But, man, he has a beautiful voice.

Alexis said...

Love Rick Astley!

nkp said...

You're the best Raina, thanks for the heads-up, I totally missed that! I lurv me some Rick Astley, has it really been 20 years!?!!!! I was late reading your AWESOME Martha/Hannukah post, but I left a comment nonetheless. I think I did wet my pants, although after delivering three children, that's no great feat! :0)

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

Oh Brings back the memories! 20 years ago I would have been bopping to it and other classic hits of the time at the local under age blue light disco! ahh, good times!