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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mrs. Obvious weighs in

Lee Kleinhelter owns a fab interiors shop in Atlanta called Pieces. She's worked for some Big Names in interior design and has had her work featured in Elle Decor, Domino, and Southern Accents.

Mrs. Obvious can most definitely get on board with the style in which Kleinhelter has decorated her house.

A house that looks like this.

Mrs. Obvious' pet peeve #172. A total disconnect between a home's exterior and interior styling.

[Cottage Living]


Kate said...

ok ,add my peeve in that this called a 'cottage', when quite clearly its a large house.
And that blue bedroom is a horror.

Raina said...

I know. I mean a duck statue with a blue bow?

erin@designcrisis said...

That blue bedroom is so... insipid. IT looks like it belongs in that house. The other rooms belong in something flat and square and modern.

Robin said...

I thought that shop name looked familiar. I got an email on my gmail account (which is only on my blog and I don't use for anything else) from that store. Meaning someone who works there crawled a bunch of design blogs and their comments to build an email list. I'm all for free enterprise, but I don't like that kind of trolling. It reminds me of the chinese takeout place that sneaks in past the doorman in my building and then slides menus under everyone else's door.

Robin said...

Oh, and i forgot to add my two cents on the house. I hate the monotone thing she's got going on with one color only in each room, that would drive me nuts.

Raina said...

How weird that they spammed you. They don't have an online store, so what was the point? To have you write them up on your blog or make a road trip to Atlanta to shop?

Decorina said...

Looks like the 1960's threw up in those rooms.