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Thursday, November 20, 2008

My brain just exploded

By all that's holy in interior design. Decorator refrigerators in a vintage Kelvinator ad. I shall type out the "Mad Men"-worthy ad copy for you, because it's just that important.

- "Town and Country. Look twice to find the Kelvinator Foodarama here. Beautiful louvered doors in a rich brown color can set the theme for a handmade rustic kitchen."

- "French Provincial. Like Elegance? French Provincial can inspire a functional Louis XV kitchen complete with fleur-de-lis curtains and upholstery."

- "Country Store. Weathered oak, in a random width plank pattern, blends with wrought-iron hinges and handles to create an atmosphere as friendly as the potbellied stove and the cracker barrel of the Country Store."

- "Federal. This comes from the period when the War of 1812 has popularized the bald eagle as a symbol of patriotism. Gold ornamentation on the handle carries the authentic flavor of this period."

- "Hacienda. The soft mellow tone of simulated brown calfskin gives the Hacienda a look of subtle richness. Its cast brass rosette handles are reminiscent of early Spanish influence."

- "Year of the Dragon. The romance of China gleams from this Kelvinator Foodarama. Five clawed Dragons, symbols of Imperial Power, authenticate this Original. The red color, to the Chinese, means joy, virtue, truth, and sincerity."

Do tell me which is your favorite and why in comments.



Robin said...

All the fridges are hideous; the only one that looks the least dated is the red Chinese one (kind of). The Federal one could be not bad if you ripped the eagle off. But let's talk about the outfits! The serape! The red hat! The patterned tights (um, I like those)! Ginger and Marianne! WHERE did you find such a gem?

Raina said... They throw in vintage lifestyle ads about once a week, and they are always a scream.

I would love love love to have that Dragon fridge. I wish an appliance manufacturer had the huevos to release a line like this today.

PutzFrau said...

Those are awesome! The Town & Country one is a bit before it's time.

I'd have to say the French Provencial one is my favorite. I could see using it to make the latest Julia Child dishes.

erin@designcrisis said...

You know I want that Red Dragon fridge. Bad.

hello gorgeous said...

I was going to say I am totally French Provincial until I clicked on the pick and saw Town & Country up close. That's my fave.

Decorina said...

Love the Chinese one - no reason any of us can't have it. I dated a guy who worked on cars; he painted my old 1950's refrigerator turquoise for me. I didn't think to add anything, but it could be done...

But crikey, I was 17 in 1967 and wanted those clothes. What was I thinking?

woodley park-zoo said...

The Dragon one needs to be in an MTV Crib. I don't really like the handles on the Hacienda but calfskin seems quite sumptuous for the kitchen. Butttery leaaathaaaa.

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

dragon fridge. That is too bad-ass to be believed.