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Monday, November 24, 2008

Put the glue gun down and back away

The ever lovely Sherri over at The Claw sent me a link to a post about Martha Stewart's Hanukkah shenanigans projects. One odd idea, shown above, is to make candle flame headbands and have your children act out the menorah story. Does Martha mean the story of the Miracle of the Oil and the re-dedication of the Temple? I'm not really sure how that could be acted out with children acting as individual candles.

"OK, Shlomo, you're the first night. Hannah, you are the second night. Nelya. Nelya, get over here! You're the third..."

And Martha wouldn't be Martha without at least one truly goofball craftulent project. Behold the goblet and glass bead menorah:

Glass beads should be outlawed.

I know one Hanukkah game LB (who is part Syrian) and I like to play - "King Antiochus and the Maccabean Maiden." NKP and Alexis, I know you two are giggling.


karly / design crisis said...

i think i just threw up in my mouth. that glass bead monstrosity is a slap in the face, not only to the entire jewish culture, but to all of humanity.

hello gorgeous said...

Craftulence. Seriously.

I thought they were roundish feathers for Thanksgiving. It's Thanksgivukkah. ?? Pocahontas would be pissed.

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

I don't even get the reference, and I still giggled. Actually it may have been more of a cackle.

Are there costumes involved?

sherri said...

dude - I had no idea about the flame shenanigans. martha, martha.

WV: gyropa

Raina said...

Enh, no biggie, Sherri. I got a kick out of it all. I'm not really a construction paper and glitter kinda girl, so Martha amuses me to no end.

Decorina said...

OMD, tsk tsk Martha. Her creative director clearly needs a vacation. I was thinking Pocahontas myself and that they had their headbands on backwards.

No matter, Martha is on now at 3am in Denver, so everyone is safe from this "craftulence" except the insomniacs.

erin@designcrisis said...

Am I missing something? That doesn't even look like a menorah. And Martha needs to stop shopping at Hobby Lobby. Yikes!

Alexis said...

When I see glass beads, I immediately think that one of my kids will think they're candy and eat one and choke to death. So no glass beads for me.

I think I might try to find some pretty Hannukah crafts and do a feature at my blog. So much of Judaica is unnecessarily ugly and tacky. If you find any tasteful crafts, please do let me know!

Raina said...

Will do, Alexis!

nkp said...

Clearly, I'm late to the party...have been so busy as of late I have not been servicing my Raina habit. Definitely felt withdrawals today and you totally delivered! Between Rick (OMG-I-LOVE-RICK, but for a second there I thought it was Rocco DiSpirito) and the Hannukah post you had me rolling on the floor, not just giggling. Seriously, my fam just ran into the room to check on the sanity of mom. You are damn funny girl! Martha just needs to back away with the headpieces. As pathetic as the pickins' are for the festival of lights, this is just BAD, BAD, BAD! I'm not even going to touch the glass bead monstrosity, it's beyond foul. Oh, one more thing, you got me all intrigued about the game you and the mister play, I heard King Antiochus was hawt! (something they didn't teach you in hebrew school) ;0)