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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wake me in February

The new double issue of Domino is up online. And it's a yawner. Lots of lists, very little editorial. The link to an article about Carolina Herrera, Jr. shows a 3-year-old photo spread. The hell?

Shopkeeper Nathan Turner's apartment chock-a-block full of crap.

Miles Redd's earth-shaking words of wisdom are: add a touch of red, mix up your artwork, employ the unexpected, animal prints are great. Wow. My life is forever changed.

"Fabulous Finds under $25." A sign of things to come.

Damn, Domino. I know times are tough, but are you just giving up?


hello gorgeous said...

Oh, that's so sad! Actually, I was looking at a Ballard Designs catalog the other day and the Domino picks were really the best things in it.

I love Domino - it's practically all that's left.

But this does look like a snore.

Alexis said...

Oh, boo! I just got mine in the mail and was so looking forward to some Domino deliciousness! :(

woodley park-zoo said...

Wow, the finds under 25 look a gift catalog for elementary school kids to buy for Mother's Day. Who in the world created that layout? Totally blah colours and textures! Or is that really all you can get under $25... thank god for Ebay and thrifting.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I'm starting to think I may not be a target audience for this magazine anymore - I picture grandmothers living in the apartments they feature. Thank goodness for Metropolitan Home.

erin@designcrisis said...

A three year old spread??? That's not the kind of vintage I can support.

PutzFrau said...

Ok,so I finally just read my Domino and I kind of agree.

EXCEPT: there was a picture of a kitchen with glossy dark green cabinets that inspired me. I really like the whole enamel look and didn't realize that high gloss could pass for enamel in the kitchen. Now it's got me thinking....hmmmm.