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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What recession? Baby, you deserve it.

The ante has been upped in the battle for playdate one-up-manship with a new generation of designer strollers. This week, Marc Jacobs introduced a limited-edition of 15 specially-designed Bugaboo strollers priced at $1500.

For an additional $500, you can pick up the Bugoboo by Bos Kasters. Yeah, I've never heard of him either but apparently he's some Dutch fashion star. It looks like something Gwen Stefani would push Zuma Nesta around in.

While the MJ fabric is a little too Steven Sprouse-y for me and the Bos Kasters too trippy, the fabrics for the new Quinny by Henrik Vibskov collection are a fantastic romp through the early 1980s.

And I would be remiss in my high-end stroller round-up if I let news of the Juicy Couture for Maclaren slip by. Actually, I'm using it as an excuse to indulge myself in an anti-Juicy rant. I've never understood the Juicy mentality, but then I'm not one to live in a McMansion, drive an Escalade, decorate in a faux-Tuscan style, have hair extensions or a spray tan, wear "Angel" perfume, name a child or pet "Coco," carry a Coach handbag, sport a "Tiffany & Co." necklace, or own anything bedazzled with Swarovski crystals.

But obviously, given the success of all things Juicy, there are many people who are.


karly / design crisis said...

Despite how lovely these are, I am soooo not in need of one. And, if any of my friends with whom I share a blog ever bring one near me I will probably stop talking to them.

erin@designcrisis said...

Damn, I was totally eyeing the Juicy/Maclaren (?!) stroller.

Raina said...

Oooookay then. It's a good thing I didn't tell you to leave the big spot next to your bedroom door open for a possible bassinet. I would have had my favored commenter status revoked.

Raina said...

Whoops, Erin sneaked in. The above comment was for Karly.

erin@designcrisis said...

You'll never lose your status!!!

And I think Karly is planning to watch from afar for a looong time.

karly / design crisis said...

Look, I love babies, but I also love standing alone in the spotlight, spending my money on decor, and having stain-free clothing. Did I mention standing alone in the spotlight?

Raina will always be favorite commentor, though. And, in a few years, the bassinet idea will be PERFECT! So long as mini-erin (aka gummy bear aka stupid baby - her names) doesn't ruin it all for me.

Raina said...

You two kill me.

W/V: toxicr

PutzFrau said...

The last thing our society needs is a Juicy stroller.

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

When I breed I am happy to spend some sweet dollars on the pram stroller thingy - though the 'designA' blah aint ringing my bells!
My pram spending theory is: it dominates your life so much for a few years- if its hard to get around in etc you dont wanna go anywhere (i dont need any encouraging in that dept!)
So I am happy to drop sweet dollars on that - but would be dressed head to tow in opp shop & hand me downs that it balances out in the end?!

Robin said...

I have never understood the appeal of Juicy Couture, especially by 30-something women who have no bidniz walking around with "juicy" on the ass of their overpriced velour sweatpants. It just seems dirty to me. And unflattering.

And if your baby spits up on your $1500 stroller, do you cringe more -- or less -- than you would if it was a $200 stroller? Probably less, since the nanny will have to clean it.

Raina said...

I can always count on Robin for a great comment. ;)