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Monday, December 8, 2008

Holy hanukkiah, Batman! Part deux

Domino has an online slideshow of design-forward menorahs.

"Windswept Tree of Life Menorah" by Bandhu Scott Dunham.

"Olive Branch Menorah" by Michael Aram.

Ahem, look familiar?

Update: The West Elm branch candleholder (above) is sold out.


nkp said...

Number one swept me away for sure.

hello gorgeous said...

Those are great.

P.S. to a post of mine long ago (like several days) - No! I cannot believe you have never had pecan pie. I will make you one and ship it via TimeWarpExpress.

Cristin said...

I totally remember that last one... can I get one even if I'm not Jewish?

Raina said...

Of course, Cristin. I don't think it was even listed as a menorah. It's just a happy happenstance that it holds nine candles.

erin@designcrisis said...

I am kind of digging the olive branch. It looks stable, which is an important design facet in my house.

Alexis said...

I have the olive branch one and it is so pretty! I got it after Chanukah last year, so I can't wait for it's inaugural use this year!

essee said...

I love all three. I still have a soft spot for the last one. I think it is gorgeous. It appears others do as well since it is sold out.