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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How green are your walls?

I stumbled across this image in Domino and was intrigued by the cork wallpaper from Zoffany. I cannot find it on their website (how annoying), but this site has scads of cork papers to choose from. I am guessing the installation is a nightmare and your wallpaper hanger will hate you until the day he dies, but the effect is so yummy.

The sound insulating properties would be bonus number one. Numero dos is that sheets of cork are the by-product of bottle stopper production. So you would be doing the planet a favor. Beauty + conservation = a design win-win!


hello gorgeous said...

Yes, I love.

I love cork flooring, too.

erin@designcrisis said...

Me too! Me too! I think I could cover everything in cork and be happy.

nkp said...

Okay, that wallpaper makes my knees buckle. We have cork flooring in a small raised platform area in our basement and I love it. The grain is so interesting and beautiful, it's really simple to clean, and it feels great underfoot. We are actually planning on replacing some carpet in our keeping room, (once the economy turns, please economy turn!)and instead of trying to match the finished-on-site hardwood floor, I wanted to put cork in there. What do you think? (Sorry- that was verbose!)

Raina said...

I lurve cork anywhere!

Expanko is the gold standard: