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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Random things that make me happy

Ligne Roset's Togo collection.
Living Etc.

These strawberry pillows.
New Zealand Your Home and Garden.

The work of Christian Astuguevieille.

This leather chair.
Arik Ben Simhon.

These light fixtures.

This living room from the 1980s.
Desire to Inspire.

And these two bedrooms.



nkp said...

The bedrooms, the bedrooms, yes, yes...loving those. Actually I uttered oohs and aahs after scrolling through every pic, but those were a home run! Is the first Ione Skye's? I love the art above the bed in the second one too, dreeeeamy! Ok, these make me happy too.

W/V= bunhob

Raina said...

Good eye, NKP. That first one is Ms. Skye's. I 'm forever going back to the photos of her home on the Domino site. It's always an inspiration (probably because her ex-husband, David Netto, did it).

Kate said...

that brown leather chair...... I covet that chair, i would give up the idea of having a pony (for a while at least) to have that chair.
And the bed in the post above this one... perhaps because the bedroom is clean.....

A very merry to you Raina, the sweetest pea and your husband, I hope you have a lovely holiday.

erin@designcrisis said...

Love the top pic... I want an entire room furnished in Togo sofas. And Ione Skye's bedroom is super fab.