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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You're all invited for dinner

Dumplings, I'm soliciting your opinions on dining room tables and chairs. Most of you know we'll be returning Stateside in July. We won't be bringing our current table and chairs back with us. Barring a great vintage/Craigslist/thrift store find, what do you think of these? If you own any of them, I would love to hear your thoughts.
"Paloma" from Crate & Barrel

"Jamsunda" from Ikea

"Darjeeling" from CB2
"Big Sur" from Crate & Barrel

"Hicks Glass Top" from West Elm

"Railroad Tie" table and chairs from Viva Terra

"Oval Back" chair from West Elm

"Calypso" chair from Crate & Barrel

"Urban" chair from Ikea

"Zebra" chair from CB2

"Elias" chair from Ikea

I'm also open to benches and have thrown one in for reference.

"Basque" bench from Crate & Barrel

These cowhide chair pads look like butt coasters and I'm crushing on them a little.

"Gilbert" chair pads from Ikea


woodley park-zoo said...

I love the Viva Terra table, but I remember there being a big to-do about the sourcing and possible contamination of the wood on Apartment Therapy. Not sure what the verdict on that was...

I also love the IKEA Urban chair in theory, like love how it looks in the catalogue (boyf absolutely vetoed it from the pic though), but then they have them in the IKEA hot-dogs-and-ice-cream-cafe and they seem kind of not-quite-enough there. Like maybe because they're dwarfed by the whole warehouse atmosphere they seem to durn plastic and not in a good way, but maybe in the right context they wouldn't be so bad. I think they seem kitchen-table grade at best, more like poolside patio table, and not dining room worthy.

woodley park-zoo said...

I totally dig those bumcoasters though! Me likey some cowhide.

Ausrine said...

I like the Viva Terra as well as the "Gilbert" chair pads. I'm tempted to say I like the Darjeeling, but that may be because I like The Darjeeling Limited.


erin@designcrisis said...

I like the farmhouse style tables -- Jasmunda and Big Sur. I don't know good how the Ikea quality is, but I'm sure the C&B is well constructed, if more than a little pricey. What does Room and Board have in that style...? Either way, they are simple tables that can be dressed to work in a thousand different ways.

Me no likey glass. Karly will disagree, but it's just a personal preference of mine. I also kind of feel about cowhide the way you feel about zebra, so I'll leave it at that.

The Ikea Urban chair is not particularly comfortable, although it's a great patio chair. I like the way the Elias looks, but I haven't sat in it, so I cannot vouch for its comfort.

In my house, it would be a farmhouse style table, six Elias chairs, and a hell of a lot of sheepskin. I guess that look is already in danger of being overplayed, but whatevs. I *am* a girl with a zebra rug ;)

erin@designcrisis said...

Oh, with a glass menorah on top!

Robin said...

I love them all (except the Ikea Parson-esque, was never a fan), but that is my Gemini nature. This is why I am impossible and it took me weeks to pick out a new coffee table, bed, etc. I wish you could dborrow furniture, like at the library, so I could switch it up every time the mood struck.

So, I am no help here, am I?

hello said...

Paloma looks like an attractive nuisance for the Pea and all the creative things she could find to shove into those crevices. Crevici? :-)

I like the Big Sur table with the chairs from the table below. (I know it wasn't a choice; the hard chairs look uncomfy). In fact, I really like that whole West Elm thing. Glass will be fun for the Pea to smear things on (sorry, just sayin') and those corners. Yikes. Sorry to be a party poop. How about the Calypso chairs with the West Elm table and corner guards?

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

I vote railroad tie table with calypso chairs. Sharpitty sharp!

Also: You are coming in July? That's going to be here in two seconds. Hurray!

Leigh said...

I didn't realize you were moving! That's so cool :)
Where to?

Raina said...

WPZ - Thanks for the heads up on that!

NerF - Yep. Even though LB's contract is up in July, his HOD wanted him to finish out the calendar year. The American college semester schedule requires LB to be back mid-summer, so he was given the go-ahead to leave. How happy am I?!?

Leigh - We don't yet know where we'll end up. LB teaches mechanical and electrical engineering. He's recently applied to several universities, and we're just waiting to see which ones want to interview.

erin@designcrisis said...


nkp said...

I love the Big Sur table, have since the very first time I saw it. Great solid construction, looks like it can withstand the test of time (and the kid test as well). I like it with the white West Elm chair and I think a bench along one side is a fantastic idea.

Trixie Jones said...

Loving those blue chairs from West Elm!!

karly / design crisis said...

hmmm... buying a table new? nope, never heard of it.

David said...

I was just in Crate & Barrel over the weekend. I've always loved the Big Sur table (and bench and hutch too), but keep in mind one thing, it's light and it stains. The one in the store had spots all over it from things being sat on it.

Raina said...

That's good to know, David. I've been leaning towards that one. I wonder if it could be sealed. Hmmm.....